Licence / Membership Renewals:

These can be renewed here as long as it is still in date (see back of book).If out of date they must be renewed at the Academy 

Membership Forms:
Student Waiver
Student Proforma

Licence / Membership Renewals:

You can renew your licence here but it must still be in date (in back of book). If its out of date you must renew it at the Academy.

Please Note:
Basic Levels Muay Thai – Beginner / White / Yellow & Orange Band
Basic Levels Kickboxing – White / White & Blue / Blue / Orange Belt
Basic Levels Jeet Kune Do – White / White & Blue / Blue / Orange Belt

Grading Application Forms:


Test Form Junior Muay Thai

Test Form Junior Kickboxing

Adults & Teens

Test Form JKD
Test Form Muay Thai