Martial Arts Unlimited – Volume 2

Carries on where volume 1 left off.

In this volume we look at the following;

  • Footwork
  • Boxing
  • Single & Double Stick
  • Single Knife
  • Focus Mitt Training
  • Muay Thai Pad Drills
  • Trapping
  • Self Defence


MAU Vol 2 : Incl P&P
Martial Arts Unlimited – Volume 1

Martial Arts Unlimited as the title suggests covers all aspects of Martial Arts Combat, Techniques, Concepts and Philosophy. The author Keith Gilliland has been involved in Martial Arts for 45 years and shares his experience in this authoritative series.

Unarmed and weapons are covered to give a complete system in all ranges, long, medium, close quarters and the ground! If you want to learn a complete effective system of self-defence then this is for you. The volumes are perfect for students, Instructors and anyone who has an interest in Martial Arts.

MAU Vol 1: Incl P&P


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